Property Loss Scope and Estimating

We are the property loss scope and estimating experts.

While our services are available individually, we often combine them to meet each project's unique challenges.

Site Inspection and Damage Assessment

Investigate, document, and analyze property to determine extent and severity of damage.

Damage Estimates

Assess damages, via field or desktop appraisal, to accurately estimate replace, repair, or reserve costs.

Replacement/Repair Cost Value (RCV) Analysis

Establish the cost in today’s dollars to repair or replace partial or total loss – without any allowance for depreciation.

Depreciated Cost Value (DCV) Report

A DCV report uses RCV Analysis and applies depreciation based on condition, age, and remaining life expectancy.

Source of Damage Confirmation

Through an on-site inspection, a SPECS consultant will determine source of damage (e.g. water, impact, fire).

Desktop Appraisal

Using our expert knowledge and appraisal software, we will conduct a review of the loss (without a site inspection) to review an existing appraisal, provide a new appraisal, or aid in dispute resolution.

Footprints / Floor Plans

Development of Xactimate drawings of the affected property to aid in post-loss appraisal, restoration, repair, or contractor bid process.

Photo / Video Documentation

Detailed photographic and/or video documentation of damaged structure (interior and/or exterior) with recorded captions (text or voice).

Taking Care of Business

Time and money were in short supply when a fire forced production to a halt at a large gelato manufacturing and retail operation. Thanks to the responsive and proactive handling of the claim by SPECS, production was able to resume at a fraction of the original time and cost estimates.

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