Our People

Our People

Our team is comprised of exceptionally talented and qualified professional consultants, having extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of property damage scope and estimating, building construction project administration, construction specifications and requirements, facility condition assessment and life cycle forecasting, inventory evaluation and costing, loss quantification and drone aerial inspection techniques.

It has always been our practice to hire the very best and brightest. Many on our team have dedicated their entire careers to working in our field and hold professional degrees, technical designations and certifications, proving their passion and commitment to the work we do.

When working with a SPECS consultant you can be assured that we will display the highest levels of professionalism, technical proficiency, collaboration, transparency, respect for others and overall fairness.

At SPECS we strongly support lifelong learning, continued education, personal growth, and physical and mental wellness. We encourage our employees in this pursuit and provide the resources needed to ensure that their personal and professional growth is always advancing.

There's a Reason We're Ranked #1 in Client Satisfaction

Read our case studies to find out why! Learn about our expertise, impartial approach, industry leading timelines, excellent customer service, and more.

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