Contents Appraisals

Accurate contents appraisals the insurance industry relies on.

SPECS Contents Division provides efficient and effective post-loss commercial and residential contents appraisal. We use our industry leading property appraisal timelines, developed from over 20 years in business, to ensure we conduct contents appraisals quickly and accurately.

From assessing the full scope of damage to overseeing repair or replacement, SPECS Contents appraisers will:

  • Provide onsite contents documentation, inventory re-creation, contents evaluation, and reporting for small, medium and large contents claims.
  • Reduce timelines, maximize quality, enhance preparedness, and minimize costs.
  • Respond rapidly, often same business day, to claims and inquiries.
  • Employ an impartial and transparent approach with frequent and open communication.
  • Attend the site prepared with full safety gear and conduct job hazard assessments before entry.
  • Utilize mobile software to enable immediate, onsite Replacement Cost Value (RCV) sourcing.
  • Identify opportunities to bundle items on the Schedule of Loss (SOL) listing before pricing, saving time and cost for those lines.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports with useful features such as separate Environmental Handling Fees (EHF), and photos of each line item.
  • Act as agents for appraisals in dispute resolutions.
  • Facilitate the conducting of Contents & Structure appraisals in unison.
  • Offer multilingual support including English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Hindi.

21 business days turnaround is the best in the industry!





The Value Behind SPECS Contents Appraisal Services

As cost control experts, SPECS limits the scope of contents claims to only what needs to be repaired or replaced. Our experienced contents appraisers start by documenting and inventorying the loss using mobile and real-time documentation software to quickly generate an itemized list with correct and fair valuations, combined with like kind and quality (LKQ) assessments and impartial source recommendations.

This detailed approach, combined with constant communication, helps to control costs, facilitates claim resolution, and ensures customer satisfaction with the final assessment.

And, because our divisions are tightly integrated, contents and structural claims can be conducted in unison—resulting in further cost and time savings.

Standard Contents Appraisal Services assessment package includes:

Site Visit
SPECS recommends site inspections as they aid in the development of precise appraisals, as well as documentation, which is beneficial should there be a dispute regarding the claim.

Scope of Work
The development of an itemized list of affected contents is captured and included in a specification report.

Photo / Video
SPECS will provide an overview (photo or video) with captions (text-based or voice over) of all interior or exterior areas, as well as details on all affected items.

Contents Identification plus Listing Review with Insured
A SPECS appraiser will work with your insured to identify and recreate a detailed contents inventory that includes: detailed descriptions (make, model, dimensions, accessories, and options) to accurately provide like kind and quality assessments.

Contents Appraisal - Replacement Cost Value (RCV)
A detailed estimate of all items to be replaced or repaired (at current market value) in the area. SPECS appraisers use accepted research techniques, databases, information, experts, and opinions for insurance-to-value purposes.

Contents Appraisal - Depreciated Cost Value (DCV)
A detailed estimate of all items requiring replacement, or repair, at actual cash value. Depreciation rates are evaluated on the current age and pre-loss condition of the contents. 

Footprints/Floor plans
The production of Footprint (or floor plan) sketches of the various levels of a building to aid with the contents analysis process.

Additional Contents Appraisal Services:
    • Desktop Appraisal
    • Contents Action Plan
    • Provide Site Control Recommendations
    • Emergency Cost Control and Audit
    • Cleaning, Repair and Replacement Monitoring, and Payment Tracking
    • Contents Cost Audit
    • Source of Damage Confirmation
    • Progress Review
    • Prepare Bid Document
    • Conduct Bid Review
    • Establish Agreed Pricing
    • Appraisal under the Insurance Act
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Expert Testimony
    • Liability Appraisal DCV
    • Umpire under the Insurance Act

Reclaiming Trust

Case Study: Two years after a fire gutted a homeowner’s property, the contents portion of the claim was still in limbo.
The first order of business for SPECS was reestablishing the relationship—and successful claim settlement soon followed.

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