Content and Inventory Services

Reliable and Accurate

SPECS Contents Division provides efficient and accurate commercial, residential, retail, industrial, content and inventory appraisal services. We use our industry leading property appraisal processes, developed from over 20 years in business, to ensure we deliver the most timely, and accurate inventory and contents appraisals. For any type or size of assignment you can depend on SPECS for:

Our Commitment

  • Provide the quickest most accurate onsite inventory re-creation, documentation, pricing and reporting in the industry
  • Reduce timelines, maximize quality, enhance preparedness and minimize costs
  • Respond rapidly, often same business day, to claims and inquiries
  • Employ an impartial and transparent approach with frequent and open communication
  • Attend the site prepared with full safety gear and conduct job hazard assessments before entry
  • Utilize mobile software to assist with onsite Replacement Cost Value (RCV) sourcing
  • Identify opportunities to bundle items on the Schedule of Loss (SOL) listing before pricing, saving time and cost for those lines
  • Prepare comprehensive reports with useful features such as separate Environmental Handling Fees (EHF), and photos of each line item
  • Conduct inventory and building appraisals in unison if requested
  • Offer multilingual support including English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Hindi
  • National presence and local support
  • Industry-leading KPIs and milestones
  • Documentation and inventory of the loss using real-time
    mobile software

Industry Leading Timeline

Initiate Contact

  • 2 Hours
2 Hours
1 Day

Site Attendance / Inspection

  • 1 Day

Confirmation of Services Report

  • 1 Day
1 Day
7 Days

Issue Initial Report

  • 7 Days

Final Detailed Report

  • 21 Days
21 Days

Our Services

Site Visit

A SPECS appraiser will attend the location, complete a thorough site data collection process allowing for accurate inventory list creation and costing. Photographs of all items will be obtained during this process. 

Inventory Listing

We will develop an accurate inventory list, including details pertaining to condition, make, model and serial number. Thumbnail photographs of all items will embedded into the inventory list. If dealing with an insurance loss our appraiser will work closely with the property owner to ensure the listing reflects like kind and quality. 

Footprints / Floor Plans

The production of footprint or floor plan sketches identifying all areas of the building to aid with the contents analysis process.

Replacement Cost Value

A detailed estimate of all items to be replaced or repaired at current market value using local area pricing. SPECS appraisers use accepted research techniques, databases, information, experts and opinions to substantiate our figures. 

Depreciated Cost Value (DCV)

A detailed estimate of all items to be replaced or repaired at current market value, using local area pricing. To this we would apply factors of depreciation that reflect the condition, age, obsolescence and remaining useful life of the item and arrive at a depreciated cost value, otherwise known as Actual Cash Value when pertaining to insurance claims.

Warehouse / Retail Stock Value

Following the completion of the inventory count, SPECS will generate a final inventory costing, using the clients own specific data or pricing generated by our in house pricing team.  During this process, issues relating to stock shrinkage, damage or expiration would be identified and quantified. 

Additional Services

  • Condition Verification
  • Desktop Appraisal
  • Contents Action Plan
  • Provide Site Control Recommendations
  • Emergency Cost Control and Audit
  • Contents Cost Audit
  • Source of Damage Confirmation
  • Progress Review
  • Establish Agreed Pricing
  • Replacement Receipt Audit
  • Appraisal under the Insurance Act
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Testimony
  • Liability Appraisal DCV
  • Umpire under the Insurance Act


We Deliver Results

Seasoned professionals at SPECS produce high quality, accurate appraisals and reports using thorough documentation, peer review and communication processes, as well as innovative technology. 

Our experienced inventory appraisers start by documenting the loss in real-time using mobile equipment and software. This allows for rapid inventory creation and pricing.   Our approach has proven to control costs, shorten file cycle times and ensures customer satisfaction with the final assessment. 

There's a Reason We're Ranked #1 in Client Satisfaction

Read our case studies to find out why! Learn about our expertise, impartial approach, industry leading timelines, excellent customer service, and more.

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