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Property Loss Scope and Estimating

At the onset of an insurance loss it is critical to have the right professionals involved to quickly and accurately collect and prepare project specifications that will allow for the production of detailed and meaningful reports, estimates and associated pricing. Our team has extensive experience in site data collection, interpreting and reporting, and is also familiar with the local and regional differences that pertain to construction regulations, building code and pricing. 

Whether it be a residential, commercial or industrial project requiring a full building replacement cost, repair specifications and pricing for a large construction project, or to quantify a total loss building scenario, we have the breadth and depth of experience to handle any of these situations.

The services offered below can be combined or customized to meet your specific needs.

Site Inspection and Damage Assessment

Investigate, document and analyze property to determine extent and severity of damage

Damage Estimates

Assess damages via field or desktop appraisal to accurately estimate replacement, repair, or reserve costs

Replacement / Repair Cost Value (RCV) Report

Establish the cost in today's dollars to repair or replace partial or total loss - without any allowance for depreciation

Footprints / Floor Plans

Development of property drawings (Xactimate or other) to aid in the loss appraisal, restoration, repair or contractor bid process

Depreciated Cost Value (DCV) Report

A DCV report uses RCV analysis and applies depreciation based on condition, age and remaining life expectancy.

Source of Damage Confirmation

Conduct an on-site inspection to assist in determining the source of damage (e.g. water, impact, fire)

Desktop Appraisal

Using our expert knowledge and appraisal software, we will conduct a review of the loss (without a site inspection) to review an existing appraisal, provide a new appraisal or aid in dispute resolution.

Photo / Video Documentation

Detailed photographic or video documentation of damaged structure (interior/or exterior) with recorded captions (text or voice)

Technical Services

When the loss is great your experts should be as well.

Our multi-disciplinary team of Technical Building Consultants has extensive experience with a broad-spectrum of large and diverse construction projects, hold professional designations and are just as comfortable on the job site as they are in the boardroom. 

  • They are non-vested impartial and unbiased
  • Have a deep understand construction and business finance
  • Hold professional designations (e.g. P. Eng. and PQS)
  • Draw on deep and broad project experience
  • Are supported by a large team of construction professionals


We understand large and complex projects can require a unique approach and more in-depth technical knowledge. Our team can provide a customized set of services based on the needs of each specific project. These can include:

  • Property Loss Scope and Estimating
  • Bid Analysis and Management
  • Contract Management and Consulting
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution Support
  • Emergency Site Supervision and Clerking
  • Site Safety and Security Recommendations
  • Pre-Loss Valuation and Appraisal
  • Action Plan Development
  • Preliminary Damage Appraisal
  • Accurate Reserve Estimates
  • Accurate Location and Site Specific Market Evaluations
  • Finance and Project Cost Tracking, Analysis and Reporting


Our team of professionals have been involved in many of the most complex assignments in Canada. They have a depth and breath of experience and technical skill that is unrivaled in our industry and have worked on assignments across many sectors including:

  • Hydro-Electric
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Civil and Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Environmental
  • Condominium / Strata
  • Hospitals
  • Municipal and Government

Cost Control and Bid Management

Our consultants deliver precise and defendable estimates and evaluations. We know your projects need to be completed at the right cost and at the right time. Our experts understand the nuances of location, construction, restoration, building codes, bylaws, labour, material, and more; ensuring our evaluations are the most thorough and accurate in our field.

Specification and Bid Documents

Creation of rebuild or repair specifications, including a scope of work and required drawings, for incorporation into an RFP / RFQ for bidding contractors.

Scope of Work

An itemized list of all required repair work when a formal RFP / RFQ process is not necessary.

Building Code Review

A property inspection to determine if minimum code requirements were met prior to loss, and/or what changes may be required with building code legislation giving consideration to existing insurance coverage's.

Bid Review

A comparison of competitive quotes, that will include a background check of bidders if required, to determine if there are any discrepancies and to recommend the most qualified bid.

Agreed Pricing

Appraisal and sourcing of qualified contractors who can complete the work at the appraised price.

Construction Contract Management

Expert advice to control costs and reduce timelines. Our impartial experts use proven construction practices to ensure effective management of residential, commercial and industrial contracts.

Cost Control

Daily onsite attendance to review and document activities to ensure contractor and supplier invoices are accurate.

Cost Audit

A thorough review, analysis and report of all costs associated with a claim or project, including recommendations and when required, sourcing of qualified contractors.

Critical Path

Using our in-depth knowledge of proven construction practices, we will develop a timeline (GANTT) to document expected milestones completion dates, as well as a final project completion date.

Jobsite Clerking

We represent the interests of the client, to ensure that the quality of materials and workmanship is in line with the specified design, standards and engineers drawings.

Process Draw Certification

Conduct site inspections to confirm and certify construction progress.

Site Control - Emergency

A qualified SPECS appraiser will inspect, review and report on the emergency repairs, either required or completed.

Progress Review

Ongoing site attendance during lengthy restoration or construction projects to review, document and report the project status and provide recommendations regarding applicable invoices.

Litigation and Dispute Support

When dealing with complex projects, involving multiple stakeholders and significant dollar values, disagreements and disputes may sometimes occur.  When this happens it is critical to involve an independent and unbiased expert who can review all data and provide a comprehensive and objective opinion. 

Our consultants are often called upon by private clients, insurers, lawyers and engineers to provide such opinions due to their exceptional experience, technical knowledge and reputation. We have a track record of delivering quicker settlements, reduced litigation costs and elevated stakeholder satisfaction. 


SPECS will create an independent scope and estimate, supported by a site visit and detailed review of all existing file documentation. If required, we will complete a side by side review of all estimates, clearly identifying deviations and providing an opinion or recommendations for necessary adjustments.

File Audit and Opinion

With or without a site inspection, a SPECS consultant will review available information (photos, diagrams and notes) to report on the accuracy of existing appraisal and provide recommendations to help expedite dispute resolution.

Appraiser or Umpire Under the Act

As an appraiser or umpire, SPECS provides an impartial review and opinion of circumstances, as submitted by third party appraisers, under the insurance act in the province the loss occurred.

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