Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

Facility Management Is A Complex Task

An organization’s facilities are some of its most significant, complex and costly assets. Managing the wealth of information related to those facilities and their various building systems can be an onerous and expensive process particularly for large organizations.

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

The FCA consolidates all building data and allows facility managers, capital planners, financial analysts and executives to effectively maintain and manage their facilities portfolio. The data can be leveraged to make the most intelligent, critical, and business-minded decisions with respect to facility spending and capital planning. Many organizations, private or public, who own or manage considerable building assets develop a structured Facilities Capital Planning program.

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What are the benefits?

  • Identifying building deficiencies, project maintenance requirements, and necessary repairs
  • Anticipating future capital spending and building a realistic budget
  • Prioritizing a maintenance and repair plan
  • Increasing building life and protecting assets
  • Reviewing and meeting any outstanding regulatory obligations
  • Integrating sustainability initiatives
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The Process

As part of a Facility Condition Assessment SPECS consultants will:

  • Conduct an initial client meeting, gather all existing facility data, and develop the FCA strategic plan
  • Complete a thorough site inspection, gathering all relevant facility condition data
  • Accurately input all facility data into proprietary FCA analytical reporting software
  • Prepare a detailed report identifying: deficiencies, building repair/replacement requirements, projected life cycle costs, code and safety compliance issues
  • Conduct a wrap-up meeting to present findings, identify priorities and recommend a course of action.
  • With offices all across Canada, we are able to provide assessments on any scale, from stand-alone properties to national real estate portfolios.
  • With over 45 highly-skilled consultants in both construction and appraisal disciplines, we offer unique and valuable insight into the assessment process.
  • Thorough processes that leverage powerful, customizable software, result in an assessment that presents credible budget scenarios required to develop accurate financial plans.
  • All communications are timely, open and transparent, with any concerns and questions addressed as they arise.
  • As a completely independent and non-vested company, SPECS does not offer construction services, therefore there is never a conflict of interest.

Our assessment procedure is conducted in accordance with ASTM Property Condition Assessment (PCA) standard (ASTM E2018 - 15) and utilizes industry leading costing solutions, including RS Means, Marshall and Swift, and BOMA.

Experienced professionals.  Accurate assessments.  Informed decisions.

Our experts provide detailed information about all recent building deficiencies, as well as possible issues in the future including estimate costs associated with renewal, repair, and code compliance issues.

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