Measuring Success – SPECS' Client Satisfaction

It is the nature of our business to meet with people who are experiencing a loss situation. And, it is human nature for emotions to be running high at a time when property, time and/or money may have been lost. So, managing client stress and expectations is as much a part of the job as settling the claim itself. Despite the unique and sometimes difficult circumstances of every file, SPECS works hard to make sure each individual we deal with experiences exceptional service.

That is why we felt particularly gratified when SPECS was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction compared with any of the professional service providers rated (including independents, as well as small and large regional construction companies) in a recent Partner Research Corporation study.

Even more telling than the numbers were the favourable comments by those surveyed. Partner Research encouraged the interviewees, adjusters and executives working in the Canadian property insurance industry, to explain the rationale behind their responses. Their remarks indicate they regard SPECS as an outstanding organization that not only understands engineering issues and innovative new solutions, but finds ways to save money for the insurer and properly indemnifies insured parties for the loss. In fact, one study participant offered by way of explanation, "There is no organization like SPECS for finding creative solutions to reducing costs, while still ensuring that the client is properly compensated.”

Praise like that speaks volumes. Especially when it comes from a satisfied customer. For the members of our company, it signifies more than a job well done—it is proof positive that our core values of ethics, excellence, value, and teamwork are working. Every employee internalizes these values and infuses them in each project action and communication.

While the Partner Research report findings show that our processes are meeting client expectations, these methodologies also have to meet the highest of standards: our own. We measure our success with each and every claim. Using internal key performance indicators, workflow and milestones are actively monitored by our operations management team. The goal is to be 100% on time for the delivery of our reports, with 90% being our minimum acceptable level.  

At the end of the day, however, our reputation hinges on the entire customer experience, including trust in both our people and capabilities. As another study interviewee summed up: "You should go out with a SPECS appraiser; you will see just how good that organization is."

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