Insurers Hire SPECS for Fort McMurray Cleanup Efforts


From: Insurance Business Canada
By: Ryan Smith

Insurers have hired post-loss consulting firm SPECS Ltd. to do work on the cleanup process in Fort McMurray, according to a Fort McMurray Today report.

Kevin Scoble, chief administrative officer of the RMWB, told contractors at a recent meeting that the vast majority of insurance companies had selected the firm to oversee the cleanup process in the area, which was ravaged by wildfires last month.

SPECS won’t control all of the work, Fort McMurray Today reported – individual homeowners have the right to direct the process on their own property.  But 94% of the insurance companies involved in the cleanup have signed on with the firm.

SPECS was hired by insurance companies for similar cleanup efforts after a fire destroyed more than 400 buildings in Slave Lake, Alberta, in 2011. Bill Adams, regional vice president of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, said the company was called in to reduce the chaos of disparate cleanup efforts.   “All of a sudden you had 12 dozers and 12 dump trucks trying to go through the same street,” Adams said. “It was a nightmare.”


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