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What Makes Us Best!

SPECS is the first national consulting firm in Canada to obtain a nationwide Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada, enabling our qualified team of drone pilots to conduct drone inspections anywhere in Canada, including all rural and urban areas.

Our drone pilots have extensive training and experience and are equipped with the most current drone equipment and software. We utilize the most advanced drone capabilities, including automated flight controls, automatic damage detection, sub-centimeter image resolutions, precision surface measuring and 3D rendering. Our skilled team of drone pilots have worked with Insurance Companies, Building and Land Developers and Property and Risk Managers, delivering exceptional drone imagery and reporting.

Drone inspections deliver cost effective, reliable and safe alternatives to traditional physical risk and claims inspection methods. The benefits of drone inspection are many, including:


  • Assist in documenting cause and origin of loss
  • 3D modelling and building dimensioning
  • Provide detailed aerial photos and video
  • Inspect large loss sites in greatly reduced time in comparison to traditional methods
  • Reduce health and safety risk when inspecting dangerous or hazardous sites


  • Inspect multiple losses, spanning large areas
  • Assess areas otherwise restricted to ground personnel
  • Instantly determine severity of structure losses – partial or total loss
  • Conduct high-volume inspections and scoping of hail and wind losses
  • Accurately measure building footprints and other structures, fences, decks, pools, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of threat and impacted areas for flood or wildfire losses


  • Conduct quick and accurate visual demolition and construction progress inspections
  • Track the momentum and progress of projects using a UAV photo timeline
  • Precisely measure large quantities of materials using drone survey software
  • Quickly confirm that site or project specifications are being adhered to
  • Identify building material or elements that require repair or renewal
  • Provide greater detail to estimators during the bidding stage of projects

Property and Risk Management

  • Conduct pre-loss inspection to determine building insurance to value
  • Display overview of buildings within Facility Condition Assessment reports
  • Accurately document condition of building exterior finishes
  • Identify exterior building elements that require repair or renewal
  • Provide greater detail to contractors when preparing repair estimates
  • Conduct thermal imaging inspections to identify heat loss, water entry or insulation issues

How It Works

At SPECS, we have licensed and certified drone pilots in every province and can be onsite within 24 hours to complete your inspection. The data collected can be quickly uploaded and integrated with estimating software to generate high quality specification reports and estimates in rapid turn around time. View our video below to understand our capabilities.

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