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Dave Wallace


More About Dave

Dave Wallace is President of SPECS. He founded the company in 1995 and for the past two decades, he has grown the organization from its roots as a small market player in Edmonton, Alberta to its current position as a trusted industry-leader with a continually expanding national footprint.

David’s expertise and reputation come from completing thousands of residential, commercial and industrial appraisals over the past 40 plus years. As President, he is responsible for nurturing the corporate culture, providing vision for the growth of the company, and ensuring SPECS’ values (Ethics – Excellence – Value – Teamwork) are part of every decision everyone at SPECS makes.

SPECS was built on David’s firm belief that the industry could benefit greatly from an impartial group of highly-specialized insurance consultants with deep construction and restoration knowledge. In assembling a team of certified engineers, construction specialists, estimators, and appraisers, David created the largest consulting firm of its kind in Canada.

David is recognized by the provincial court systems in British Columbia and Alberta as a property damage, disaster restoration and renovation expert. He is also a certified Canadian Personal Property Appraiser (CPPA).


Kristie Wallace

Director, Human Resources

More About Kristie

Personnel and organizational development specialist, Kristie Wallace, is Director of Human Resources for SPECS. Kristie’s wide-ranging role puts her at the heart of the company’s national recruitment efforts, training and career development, performance management, succession planning, benefits administration, and compensation.

Kristie joined SPECS in 2009 and since then she has evolved and formalized the company’s human resources function. Working with the management team, Kristie has established the policies and structures that make SPECS not just a great place to work but an attractive and competitive firm where careers can be built.

Prior to arriving at SPECS, Kristie worked with the public for 14 years. She is a graduate of Concordia University College of Alberta with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and continues to be a life long learner.


John McAlister

Director, Technical Services Division

More About John

John McAllister is the Director of Technical Services for SPECS. With his oversight and skillful guidance, the technical service team offers a level of sophistication and industry knowledge that enables rapid response times and loss management of losses involving complex, industrial-sized buildings or multiple structures.

John’s skillset comes from a 23-year construction career. He’s a capable project manager, estimator and appraiser with specialties in large-scale, commercial and industrial restoration. In his role, John is responsible for the division’s growth and direction, as well as guiding the Technical Services team of specialists to ensure they deliver effective services that quickly return affected businesses to normal operation.   

Prior to being appointed Director of Technical Services, John was Prairie Regional Manager for three years. He is also a member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group (CPPAG).

Craig Dyke

Regional Manager, Atlantic

More About Craig

Craig Dyke is Regional Manager for SPECS in Atlantic Canada. A commercial and industrial structure restoration specialist with 20 plus years in the construction industry, Craig is responsible for the region’s business development with an emphasis on delivering pre- and post-loss appraisal services, complex and large claims consulting as well as reconstruction oversight and project cost-control.

More than two decades of success in construction and consulting, a firm understanding of SPECS’ business gives Craig the depth-of-skill required to lead Atlantic Canada’s operations. His honest, relationship-first approach to managing clients has been vital to increasing SPECS’ presence in the market. He is an unyielding advocate for high-quality services and as a manager and mentor, Craig instills the same values in his team of industry leading experts.

A native of Newfoundland, Craig joined SPECS as an estimator and project manager in 2008 and was appointed Regional Manager the following year. He’s a Water Damage Restoration Technician, a member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group (CPPAG), and has training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association.


Andrew Ross

Chief Operating Officer

More About Andrew

Andrew Ross serves as SPECS’ Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for setting the company’s corporate strategy, driving national business growth and efficiency, execution of commercial expansion activities and overseeing a national team of more than 40 experts in their efforts to deliver the company’s range of consulting services.

Andrew draws on more than 25 years of hands-on building restoration, construction project management, and appraisal experience. He joined the SPECS team in 2005 as an appraiser and in demonstrating his innate leadership skills, business acumen and ability to meet and exceed client expectations, he assumed the role of COO in 2014.

Beyond Andrew’s day-to-day responsibilities, he is accountable for evolving SPECS’ offerings to meet the needs of a rapidly-changing market. His foresight and ongoing analysis of Canadian and international trends has effectively enabled SPECS’ organizational growth and diversification into new and emerging categories.

Andrew holds appraisal and restoration certifications from Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCRI) and the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG).

Aaron Visser

Director, Operations

More About Aaron

As SPECS’ Director of Operations, Aaron is responsible for ensuring his team upholds SPECS’ commitment to the highest possible reporting standards and turnaround times that have earned the company’s reputation for unparalleled quality and service.

Aaron Visser is currently also fulfilling the role of the British Columbia Regional Manager for SPECS. Aaron began his career in 1988 as an independent business owner-operator. He spent nearly a decade refining the valuable business development, client relationship management and quality control skills, which are central to his current role at SPECS.

Aaron has built and oversees a team of industry experts and plays an instrumental role in sustaining SPECS’ trusted leadership position across Canada. He combines exceptionally high operational standards with a personal interest in over-delivering on SPECS promise to commercial and residential clients regardless of their size or complexity.

Aaron arrived at SPECS in 2006 as an appraiser and soon after, became a Branch Manager. Since 2014, Aaron has managed the BC region and is a trusted manager and mentor.  Aaron holds appraisal and restoration certifications from Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR) and the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG).v


Greig Boyle

Director, Sales & Marketing

More About Greig

Before becoming Director of Sales and Marketing, Greig held the post of Director of Operations at SPECS.

Greig has over 25 years’ experience and an extensive understanding of complex and large loss adjusting and claims management practices. Greig has a strong history of systemizing processes and efficiently managing operations. This history, combined with his proactive approach to performance management, helps to align teams with business strategies and aids in the development of robust branch networks.

Prior to his roles at SPECS, Greig was the Senior Vice President of Operations for the largest independent adjusting firm in Canada. He is also a Certified Insurance Professional (CIP).


Mike Padua

Director, Finance

More About Mike

With 26 years of finance and accounting experience, Mike Padua is SPECS’ Director of Finance. Joining SPECS as Controller in 2003, Mike is responsible for all aspects of SPECS’ financial management including revenue and cost analysis, resource allocation and control as well as government and tax compliance.

Mike is a member of SPECS’ management team and has a firm understanding of the construction and insurance industries. He applies his extensive skillset and experience to ensure the company’s overall financial well-being and has a direct hand in the financial side of SPECS’ growth and nationwide coverage.

Neal Thunder Chief

Director, Storm Division

More About Neal

Neal Thunder Chief has been with SPECS since early 2010 and has the dual responsibility for managing the Storm Division and the Lethbridge, Alberta branch. Neal is recognized for his ability to build strong customer relationships through meticulous large claims management and commitment to fast yet accurate appraisal projects.

In addition to his daily oversight of SPECS Lethbridge team, Neal is SPECS’ primary expert on the delivery of storm-related consulting services – a division he helped create after his direct involvement in the 2013 Southern Alberta Flood. As the Storm Division manager, he is responsible for continued development and evolution of services, rapid assessment of damage and deployment of appropriately skilled personnel, maintaining expert-level reporting standards and ongoing communication with clients throughout the claims process.

Prior to joining SPECS, Neal spent several years in the construction industry where he built his understanding of residential and commercial building. He holds a Bachelor of Management Degree from the University of Lethbridge. He holds certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) and HAAG.
Don Peters

Don Peters

Regional Manager, Ontario & Quebec

More About Don

As Regional Manager for SPECS in Ontario & Quebec, Don Peters is responsible for ensuring that clients’ expectations are met or exceeded on a daily basis. This is achieved through his sizeable team of construction and appraisal professionals, each dedicated to SPECS’ core values of ethics, excellence, value, and teamwork.

After graduating from the Mohawk College Architectural Technology/ Technician program in 1986, Don embarked on a career in construction estimating, design, and project management. Being involved in a large variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects over the years, he has built a broad knowledge base, and has become a valuable resource to clients.

In the ten years prior to joining SPECS, Don was a Senior Project Manager with a leading national insurance restoration company. His consultative and collaborative approach with insurance professionals and policy holders earned him a solid reputation in the industry.

Don joined SPECS as an appraiser in 2017, and soon assumed the role of Branch/Regional Manager.

Don holds several certificates from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and a Construction Law certificate from The Construction Institute of Canada (TCIC).

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